Welcome to Snow College Residence Life

Before you apply, please READ the following:

For New or Returning Students:

  1. You must have a Badger ID # to apply for housing with Snow College Residence Life. If you have not applied for admission to Snow College, please start here.
  2. If you do not remember your Snow College Badger ID #, please start here.
  3. To login you will need your Badger ID # and password is your date of birth (mmddyyyy). If you are a current/returning Snow College Student you may have changed this login. The login is the same used to access computers in the library or computer labs.

    EXAMPLE:       Username: 00000001             Password: 01011992 
       (Badger ID)                             (January 1,1992)
  4. You must then click the "Forgot Password". This will then send you an e-mail with a reusable PIN. Please write this PIN down and keep for future use.




You may use your first.lastname as your username and eight digit birthday (MMDDYYYY) as your password to log on.

*NOTE If you have changed your password with the college, you will use the password you created.

EXAMPLE:       Username: first.lastname             Password: 01011992 


 For Summer Housing Applicants:

  1. You must be taking one class or working for Snow College in the summer in order to apply for summer housing. Please keep in mind that there are no dining services available for Summer Sessions. Students will be responsible for providing meals for his/herself in the summer months. There will be no charges for Food Services.
  2. For Summer Rate information, please click here.
  3. To Apply for Summer Housing, please click here.


For HELP GUIDE (Application Walk through), please click here.